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Computer Game Graphics Evolution

fig1: Project Gotham Racing 3

I love how computer graphics have evolved over time. From my first impressions of 8 bit games, to imagining the possibilities with Duke Nukem’s ability to look up and down.

Since then I have tracked many areas of artificial environments, and how to make them as realistic as possible using as little resources, and importantly as little specification of contraints as possible. Realistic organic, urban or alien* environments, without necessarily designing every blade of grass.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was a game that really made me wake up that others were actually pushing this direction with finesse. Large open expanses look interesting with light dabs of foliage, all designed to gel together. This aspect of realistic environments really interests me.

Another is photorealistic rendering – such is the direction of Project Gotham Racing 3. Using many cues from the human visual system and our optics, they have blurred out the background, applied motion blur to objects etc.

By removing visual fidelity the scene become more realistic, as we are used to imperfections, blurs and distortions.

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