Apple’s new website

12 Jun has been revitalised in the nick of time. Just yesterday I was wondering just how long they have had that Apple tab setup, really getting tired.

What is the new theme? Soft texture, less foreground in the site, most of the shine is on their products now.

The front page is dominating. Remember when Microsoft released their new website for Vista? You can hardly find vista on the front page now. It sucks that bad. Here you see the Leopard just dominating the page:

Apple’s new front page

Now let’s see the Mac page, which has a great sliding navigation control that I am calling… linked…slider..thing. No. Wait.

Sliding tab… scroll bar… slidebar… linkbarslider…. thing. It slides like a horizontal scrollbar, or scrolls… and it also is linked… marked… yeah. Just look at the pic, and visit

Apple Mac Page

So the links are on the bar… and… like… wow. It works great. Hrm. WordPress’ thumbnaily generatory thingy has died. I like the design, love the way they have gone forward, the spacing is great, the areas well defined, I would say that the front page of the download section does need a little more focus.

I like it. Then you have some nice sections at the top, quite clear, let’s look at the iPhone page:

Apple’s iPhone page

Hrm, no thumbnail option for that in my post.

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