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Geo Bookmarking aka geomark

I write software for PDA’s, and one concept that I have not seen anywhere else (a google pulls up 5 results) is geo-bookmarking.

I came up with this idea after a string of moderately successful nights out, involving a number of restaurants ranging from *thinks* $50 a head to about $150 a head, in downtown.

I would love to get restaurant reviews about restaurants near me, and suggestions too, that is nothing new, people are trying to do localised searches, and it is a no-brainer to cross lookup data about them.

But how do you get all that data into the intarwebnet?

Geobookmarking, or geomarks, often called landmarks in the realworld, allows you to press a button, and enter your text, photo, or voice media that is associated with that geomark.

Now, geomarks can be related via meta tags (all historic sites in London) or category (restaurants), or actual location and optional search queries.

Now the fun part is entering this stuff. You can make trails of geomarks, geotrails… or points of interest. Boooring.

The real fun is bookmarking shops, restaurants, open spaces, interesting views, memories, and personal notes. Not all geomarks should be public. I can think of many places where geomarking would help me, here is one:

geomark1092: back of sofa
item: car keys d’oh!

Of course, GPS cannot give you that accuracy right now, nor availability indoors come to think of it.

On a mass scale, people being able to enter location, temporal, and qualitative data would open up a rich ‘review’ society. People of similar interests can use similar tags to describe their posts, and a google search for these types of data, perhaps using GoogleBase extensions, would give this flight.

So, geomarking, geobookmarking, geo-bookmarking, whatever, you heard it here first!

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